Illustrated Flora of Morocco


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With c. 4460 taxa (species and subspecies) of vascular plants, Morocco is clearly the most species-rich country in North Africa. Illustrated Flora of Morocco opens the door to a more profound knowledge of its flora, not only for the specialist, but for anyone with an interest in nature and travelling. Contents of the book includes:

  • An introduction to the vegetation and flora of Morocco.

  • A complete inventory of all vascular plant species, autochthonous or naturalized. Where it might be of general interest, also subspecies have been included.

  • 7150 illustrations, most of them colour photos of living plants, including many detail photos in the case of „difficult“ groups (e.g. “grasses” in a broader sense).

  • Photos of dried vouchers or line drawings in cases where colour photos were not available. Thus, only a marginal rest of very rare or hardly ever collected species has escaped illustration. But these rarities still are described in the text.

  • A small distribution map for each taxon, which also includes concise information regarding altitudinal distribution, flowering time, live cycle, occurrence in neighbouring countries etc.

  • Short mention of important diacritical characteristics in cases were determinations by photos might deliver ambiguous results.

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