I Funghi Clavarioidi in Italia (reduced)



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I Funghi Clavarioidi in Italia (reduced) Authors: , Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Associazione Micologica Bresadola
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I Funghi Clavarioidi in Italia (Clavarioid mushrooms in Italy)  is a new publication, written in Italian but with the keys also translated into English (by Edmondo Grilli).

The work is in two volumes ( circa 1200 pages). Over 300 taxa are treated including 22 new ones. Nearly 200 species, varieties and other forms are described in detail  with photographs illustrating specimens both in their natural habitat as well as microscopic details. Taxonomy and nomenclature are discussed in depth and numerous phylogenetic trees provided, based on sequences of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) and large sub-unit (LSU) regions of ribosomal RNA (rRNA).  73 holotypes are reviewed, related to taxa of the Genus Alloclavaria, Artomyces, Clavaria,  Clavariadelphus, Clavicorona, Clavulina, Clavulinopsis, Gomphus, Kavinia Lentaria, Macrotyphula, Mucronella, Multiclavula, Phaeoclavulina, Pterula, Ramaria (Subgenus Lentoramaria and Ramaria), Ramariopsis, Schildia, Typhula.

Riassunto in italiano:

Circa 1200 pagine in due volumi • 22 nuovi taxa descritti • 307 taxa clavarioidi trattati • 198 entità descritte fra specie, varietà e forme riccamente illustrate con fotografie in ambiente e di microscopia • dettagliate descrizioni e approfondite discussioni tassonomico­ nomenclaturali • numerosi alberi filogenetici relativi a sequenze delle regioni ITS e LSU • revisione di 73 holotypi  relativi a taxa dei Generi Alloclavaria, Artomyces, Clavaria, Clavariadelphus, Clavicorona, Clavulina, Clavulinopsis, Gomphus, Kavinia, Lentaria, Macrotyphula, Mucronella, Multiclavula, Phaeoclavulina, Pterula, Ramaria (Sottogeneri Lentoramaria  e Ramaria), Ramariopsis,  Schildia, Typhula.

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