How to Read the Landscape: A crash course in interpreting the great outdoors


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How to Read the Landscape: A crash course in interpreting the great outdoors Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
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Pages: 256 Illustrations and other contents: 400+ colour photographs Language: English ISBN: 9781912217274 Categories: , , , , , ,

Interest in the environment has never been greater and yet most of us have little knowledge of the 4 billion years of history that formed it. This book explains the principles of geology, geography and geomorphology, and shows how a basic understanding of geological timescales, plate tectonics and landforms can help you ‘read’ the great outdoors. This is a highly illustrated book with a very accessible text that beautifully illuminates the landscape around us.

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...a practical crash course in interpreting the great outdoors...Small enough to fit in a pocket or glovebox but detailed enough to provide useful answers, it is a good overview of how the landscapes we see all around us were formed. * Countryman * If your only memory of school geography lessons is terminal boredom rather than terminal moraines, this book will help...a practical 'crash course * Cumbria * Detailed, accessible and small enough to fit in your pocket! * The Lady *

Author Biography

Robert Yarham is a freelance writer, editor and photographer, specialising in the environment, wildlife, conservation, photography, history and travel. As well as being an experienced author, he is also a past editor of the magazine Beautiful Britain.