How to make a wildflower meadow: Tried-And-Tested Techniques for New Garden Landscapes


How to make a wildflower meadow: Tried-And-Tested Techniques for New Garden Landscapes Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Filbert Press
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Flowering meadows are appealing to gardeners and valuable for wildlife, but they can be difficult to establish and many people give up. This book will change all that with practical advice and new establishment techniques. Garden owners will value this alternative approach that can deliver a flowering meadow the same year it is planted. Previous knowledge of plant communities, plant ecology, or even plants is not required. Simply choose the best option for the site using seed, plug plants, bulbs or roll-out turf. At the heart of the book is a collection of 30 case studies in private gardens, public spaces and community gardens. Thriving meadows are featured alongside paths, utility areas and ponds and in mixed borders, orchards, green roofs, sloping banks, and containers. Interviews with the owners offer a fascinating insight into the many pleasures of living with a wildflower meadow.

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In the most comprehensive guide to creating a meadow I've ever seen, he discusses the pros and cons of using seed, the merits of adding annuals and how to keep the display going for as long as possible. His book leaves us with no excuses not to try creating meadows of our own. Kate Bradbury, BBC Wildlife Magazine -- Kate Bradbury * BBC Wildlife Magazine * This book explains how a lot of the unpredictability of meadow-making can be overcome. Alys Fowler -- Alys Fowler Look at James Hewetson-Brown's How to Make a Wildflower Meadow, which is a good down-to-earth mix of information and examples, including meadow turf and green roofs. Stephen Anderton, The Times -- Stephen Anderton * The Times *