Hobby Hydroponics, Second Edition


Hobby Hydroponics, Second Edition Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: CRC Press
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Pages: 155 Illustrations and other contents: 10 Tables, black and white; 120 Illustrations, black and white ISBN: 9781466569416 Category:

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A guide to all aspects of home hydroponic culture and systems, providing the most up-to-date information on hobby hydroponic growing, including the numerous advancements in concepts, technology, and products since the first edition.

The book presents an overview of typical hobby hydroponic units available, describing representative systems including water culture—for example, aeroponics and nutrient film technique (NFT)—and soilless culture, such as coco coir, perlite culture, and vertical plant towers. The author discusses culture practices and the tools necessary to care for plants and provide optimum growing conditions by regulating variables including lighting, temperature, and carbon dioxide, as well as monitoring pH and electrical conductivity. He also provides information on nutrients, natural pest control, and symptoms of pests and imbalances to assist growers in being aware of and controlling these issues. The book instructs readers on how to start plants, recommends crop varieties, and even describes how to construct some systems in lieu of buying them, for readers who choose to do so.
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Praise for the First Edition "Resh has been instrumental in defining the way that many of us approach and see hydroponics. He has helped define the game. Even though he's putting basic hydroponic concepts into hobbyist terms, the information still retains a higher-than-average level of sophistication." -The Growing Edge