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Heathlands are so much more than simply purple carpets of heather. This latest addition to the British Wildlife Collection celebrates the diversity and natural history of a distinct and vulnerable cultural landscape. A landscape that can be found throughout the British Isles.

Heathland begins with an introduction to heathlands, how they can be defined and the associated wildlife that may be encountered there. Clive Chatters takes the reader on a geographical tour of suites of heathlands throughout the British lowlands. Including an in memoriam nod to those that have been erased from common memory and understanding. He concludes with a review of how people have perceived and used heathland wildlife over the ages. He also sets out a future vision for this iconic landscape, its unique habitats and the species that live there.

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Chatters’ expertise and enthusiasm brings the subject to life as he explores the history and ecology of these wildlife-rich habitats. * BBC Wildlife * An ecological masterpiece, generous in its sympathies, awe-inspiring in its breadth of knowledge, and genuinely enticing in its journey around heathland Britain. This is a book that ought to influence policy. As always in this series, the illustrations and design are top class. -- Peter Marren * British Wildlife * Offers great coverage of a habitat which is always under pressure ... worth every penny. * Birdwatching magazine * An ever-timely reminder of why we should treasure and repair the few fragments [of heathland] that survive today. * Plantlife * Beautifully designed, uncluttered and attractively laid out, and with many hundreds of colourful images interspersed throughout... eminently readable. Clive writes impeccably in a bright and engaging way, making the subject matter compelling and comprehensible. * Open Space * The author is painstaking in detail...This is a considerable reference that would deserve repeated readings for both experts and those who enjoy the countryside. -- Rajith Dissanayake * The Linnean * Clive writes impeccably in a bright and engaging way, making the subject matter compelling and comprehensible. * Open Spaces Society * Essential reading for anyone who wants to keep up with the conservation debate -- Alex Lockton * BSBI News * In a brief review it is hard to convey the range and wealth of detail: the only possible remedy is, of course, to obtain and read a copy. * Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust *