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Harrap’s Wild Flowers is an excellent photographic guide and tool for wild flower identification.  This popular wild flower ID guide has beautiful photography throughout and includes both flower portraits and close-ups of key features where relevant. Complemented by a clear and easy to use text, the guide allows identification of almost any wild flowers encountered in Britain and Ireland.

934 selected species are included in the book, and only extreme rarities or seldom seen species are excluded. The pages have been designed to ensure that the photographs are reproduced at a sensible size and that the text is readable. Key features are highlighted in tinted boxes throughout the book, and details of confusion species and look-alikes are given where relevant. Accurate colour maps based on the national plant-mapping scheme are provided for almost every species.

This edition first published  2018/11/01

ISBN: 9781472966483

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The most user friendly plant guide I have seen so far for use in the field -- Gehan De Silva, Author & Photographer The degree of detail is astonishing, and it's no wonder that Harrap's contemporaries are enthusing about this book too, citing it as a must-have reference for amateurs and experts alike. * English Garden * Distribution map, pictures of leaves, seed pods and flowers, and a handy pictorial index make this book a must-have. * Grow Your Own * This beautiful, informative, compact book has already become a vital piece of kit for my country walks. * Garden * a wonderfully comprehensive yet concise guide * The Guardian * very comprehensive indeed. * Highland Wildlife * This is a wild flower identification book unlike any other...excellent * Wild Flower Magazine * this user-friendly text includes all the details that you need to confidently name the plant. This handy guide is great for beginners and an essential reference for experts. * Wildlife * beautifully laid out and easy to use * Butterfly *