Handbook of Flood Risk Management in Developing Countries


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Handbook of Flood Risk Management in Developing Countries Editors: Oluseye A. Adebimpe, Taiwo Adedeji, Victor O. Oladokun, David G. Proverbs Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Taylor & Francis Ltd
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This new Handbook brings together various views and experiences of the impacts of flooding and its management in Africa, Asia and Latin America by drawing from traditional and modern approaches adopted by communities, homeowners, academics, project managers, institutions and policy makers. Key stakeholders provide insights and perspectives on flood hazards, flood impacts, flood control and adaptation strategies across these regions. The inclusion of policy makers, emergency responders, leaders of key organizations and managers of flood defence projects makes this volume a unique addition to the flood management literature. The chapters are organized to reveal various impacts and challenges associated with the management of flooding, including response and recovery. The chapter contributions bring together the different impacts of flooding and propose various mitigation approaches. They describe procedures for managing flooding and reducing the impacts from the perspectives of policy makers, environmental planners and restorers of flood affected communities. Also, the book considers some of the related aspects including land-use, waste management, drainage systems, security challenges, urban planning and development and their contributions to flooding. The books primary target is experienced researchers and practitioners in flood risk management. It would also serve as a key text for postgraduate students studying related programmes. Inhabitants of flood prone communities in such developing countries will also find the text an important resource for guidance and understanding. This multi-disciplinary book represents a valuable contribution for a wide range of professionals (e.g. in engineering, built environment, health, retail, etc) who are interested in flood control and management and/or faced with flood related challenges in the course of their work.

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Author Biography

Victor Oluwasina Oladokun, Ph.D., a Professor of Industrial and Production Engineering at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, is a Senior Fulbright Scholar, and a Commonwealth Academic Fellow. Professor Oladokun a certified SAP trainer/consultant is the Deputy Dean, University of Ibadan School of Business. He is a member of the Academic Board of SAP University Alliances Africa (ESEFA) and a member of the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission Alumni Advisory Panel. Engr. Oladokun, a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, worked in the heavy equipment service sector before joining academics. He has extensive experience in teaching, research, mentoring, leadership, and curricula development and has been involved in several multidisciplinary and international collaborative initiatives. As the Chair of the Department of Industrial and Production Engineering, he led the successful development and deployment of a new professional Master's Program in Engineering Management to create a vital university-industry linkage. Professor Oladokun has served as a visiting Research Fellow at Universities in the UK, USA, and Nigeria. His research interest includes disaster risk management and resilience modeling. His ongoing research includes the application of Digital Twin and IoT systems for disaster risk management and supply chain resilience improvement. Prof Oladokun teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Applied Optimization, Operation Management, Project Management, Scheduling, Reliability Engineering, Soft Computing, Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management, and Enterprise Systems. Professor David Proverbs is Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Wolverhampton. He has over 25 years of experience in higher education and has held strategic leadership roles in three modern universities where he has championed student learning as a research driven, curriculum active and enterprising academic. David has developed significant regional, national and international research and enterprise collaborations drawing on a range of funding sources to pioneer innovative solutions towards improving resilience to flooding. He has pioneered the development of flood recovery approaches to the benefit of many governments, agencies, charities, companies and institutions world-wide. His research has had significant national and international impact in the development of UK Climate Change Policy; as a trustee advising on global research grant awards; and through supporting the development of national flood risk strategies, for example in Brazil, China, Nigeria, Peru and the UK. He is a member and lead innovation adviser to the Environment Agency's Regional Flood and Coastal Committee. He has published extensively on a range of flood risk management topics including adaptation, resilience and recovery. David is an experienced Editor and is chief editor of the International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation (Emerald), Guest Editor to two recent Special Issues of the Water journal on flood risk and as editor to a number of books related to flooding and climate change. He is co-chair to the bi-annual International Conference on Flood and Urban Water Management (FRIAR). Oluseye Adewale Adebimpe is a young academic and doctoral student at the Department of Industrial and Production Engineering, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is a certified SAP Trainer, SAP ERP Consultant, Fulbright Scholar and Erasmus Scholar. Oluseye is registered with the apex engineering body in Nigeria (Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria) and a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. Engr. Oluseye has vast experience in the manufacturing sector which spans across production and management of engineering systems before joining academics. He is a teacher, researcher and mentor with evidence of publications in reputable journals. He has served as a research student in the UK and USA. His research interest includes flood risk management and renewable energy storage. His ongoing research includes developing models for flood resilience measurement, measuring flood vulnerability and developing a model for evaluating integrated Solar Photovoltaic and Pumped-Hydro Storage Systems. Oluseye teaches undergraduates and professional courses in Energy Systems Modelling, Terotechnology, Industrial Quality Control, Manufacturing Systems, and Supply Chain Management courses. Dr. Taiwo Adedeji is a lecturer at the Department of Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Management at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. He has over 8 years of teaching experience in higher education with passion for student learning and ability to impart complex information to audiences of all levels. He has developed particular expertise in flood risk management and is committed to helping communities respond and adapt to climate change. He has published his research findings in a range of outputs including Q1 journals, book chapters and research reports. Taiwo is currently a reviewer for the International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation (Emerald).