Gyros, Clocks, Interferometers…: Testing Relativistic Gravity in Space


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Gyros, Clocks, Interferometers…: Testing Relativistic Gravity in Space Editors: C. W. F. Everitt, Friedrich W. Hehl, Claus Lammerzahl Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. KG Pages: 510 Illustrations and other contents: 11 Tables, black and white; 8 Illustrations, color; 120 Illustrations, black and white; XVII, 510 p. Language: English ISBN: 9783642074509 Category:

Many new tests of gravity and, in particular, of Einstein’s general relativity theory will be carried out in the near future: The Lense–Thirring effect and the equivalence principle will be tested in space; moreover, gravitational waves will be detected, and new atomic interferometers and clocks will be built for measurements in gravitational and inertial fields. New high-precision devices have made these experiments feasible. They will contribute to a better understanding of gravitational physics. Both experimental developments and the theoretical concepts are collected in this volume. Exhaustive reviews give an overall insight into the subject of experimental gravitation.

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"Contributions are of highest quality, illustrations and figures have been carefully selected and are didactically useful, the layout is excellent. The interested reader learns about the state of the art in the field of experimental gravity [...]. The book is highly recommendable indeed." (General Relativity and Gravitation, 34/4, 2002)