Guide des plantes des bords de mer (Atlantique et Manche)


Guide des plantes des bords de mer (Atlantique et Manche) Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Editions Belin ISBN: 9782701154176 Category:

A new title in the Crazy Nature (Fous de Nature)series published by Belin -S eashore plants – covering the Atlantic and English Channel coasts of France. A small field guide with at least one photograph for each entry as well as a description. French text but relatively easy to follow. The book is organised such that plants are grouped into three shore zones: rocky, sand and shingle, and muddy. Having chosen a zone, flick through the pages, where coloured tabs on the page borders (a different colour for each shore zone) guide you to the most likely match for the plant you are trying to identify.
Paperback. 240 pages. All colour photographs.

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