Guida Introduttiva al genere Cortinarius in Europa


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Guida Introduttiva al genere Cortinarius in Europa is a new single volume work, with Italian text, that covers 230 representative species of the genus Cortinarius in detail with accompanying colour plates. More than 300 other species are commented on.

Among all the macromycetes the genus Cortinarius is by far the largest, with an estimated >3000 species worldwide. The taxonomy of these mushrooms is confused and even mycologists with considerable experience have difficulties in navigating the literature to identify the correct species and even grouping.

Most monographs dedicated to the genus are characterized by a quantity and a level of detail that is probably excessive for the beginner.

This publication therefore aims to meet the needs of the enthusiast or naturalist who wants to identify the species described and illustrated and correctly identify the group they belong to, or at least take the first steps in doing so. The book provides an introduction to the study of macro and microscopic features, dichotomous keys, guidance to subspecies of common species and full descriptions of the species with illustrations. The artwork is by Riccardo Mazza, one of the best known and most talented of Italian mushroom illustrators.

The infrageneric classification follows tradition lines, but the treatment of individual species takes into account the most recent phylogenetic studies. These are duly cited in the extensive bibliography.


Why this book? / Structure of the work / Geographical area and choice of species / Nomenclature / Descriptions and illustrations
The genus Cortinarius
Historical notes on the study of the genus Cortinarius / Description and delimitation of the genus / Infrageneric systematics / Ecology and distribution /     Edibility and toxicity
The study of the genus Cortinarius
Collection and selection of specimens / Description of the collections / Photography / Macrochemical reactions / Keys to determination / protection of       fungi and the environment / Associations
Illustrated guide to the species considered
subgenus Cortinarius
Subgenus Rozites
Subgenus Leprocybe
Subgenus Dermocybe
Subgenus Telamonia
Subgenus Phlegmacium
Subgenus Myxacium
Essential glossary
Index of taxa

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Author Biography

Federico Calledda: Mycologist and popularizer, he is dedicated above all to the study of the genera Cortinarius and Lactarius s. L. Emanuele Campo: Scholar of macromycetes, with particular regard to the genera Cortinarius and Russulaand the arctic-alpine mycobiota. Marco Floriani: Mycology scholar, popularizer and teacherin this discipline, he coordinates the project of the census of the macromycetes of Trentino. Riccardo Mazza: Mycologist, popularizer and illustrator,he devotes himself with particular interestto the genus Cortinarius.