Guida introduttiva al genere Cortinarius in Europa


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Amongst the macromycetes (fungi visible unaided to the human eye) the genus Cortinarius is probably the largest with an estimated number of species being more than 3,000. The taxonomy is problematical with even experts having difficulty in identifying to species level or group. Most of the literature also provides a level of detail that beginners find excessive and confusing.

Guida Introduttiva al Genere Cortinarius in Europa (Introductory Guide to the Genus Cortinarius in Europe) is aimed at those interested in these fungi, whether as a keen mycologist or from casual interest. It will enable them to identify the species described, using dichotomous keys, detailed descriptions and accompanying illustrations. The excellent artwork is by the talented Italian mushroom illustrator Ricardo Mazza. The treatment follows traditional lines but incorporates the results of recent phylogenetic studies, cross-referenced to an extensive bibliography.

Text in Italian. An English language translation of the keys will be available shortly.

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Author Biography

Federico Calledda is a mycologist and popularizer, he is dedicated above all to the study of the genera Cortinarius and Lactarius s. l.Emanuele Campo is a macromycetes scholar, with particular regard to the genera Cortinarius and Russula and the arctic-alpine mycobiota.Marco Floriani is a mycologist, popularizer and teacher in this discipline, he coordinates the project of the census of the macromycetes of Trentino.Riccardo Mazza is a mycologist, popularizer and illustrator, he devotes himself with particular interest to the genus Cortinarius.