Great British Marine Animals 4th Edition


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Great British Marine Animals 4th Edition Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Sound Diving Publications Pages: 432 Illustrations and other contents: 930 colour photos, 7 b/w illustrations Language: English ISBN: 9780952283171 Categories: , Tag:

This book is an eye-opening celebration of the wonderful diversity of animals that live in British seas, and the colourful and fascinating ways they go about their lives. With 500 new photographs, the 4th edition is by far the largest revision of Great British Marine Animals to date and see the number of pages increase from 320 to 432, while the fourth edition features 930 colour photos, versus 600 previously..

The wonderful diversity of animals that live in British seas are colourful, beautiful and have an amazing range of intriguing lifestyles. Even those we think of as familiar show surprising ways of getting food, defending themselves, reproducing and interacting with one another. Sea anemones seize their prey with superbly armed tentacles, crabs hide away to shed their armour and grow, starfish pull open mussels and some fish change sex when the situation demands.

Great British Marine Animals uses high-quality underwater photographs to both aid identification of a wide range of common animals (excluding marine mammals), and to give an insight into their lives. It is written for anyone who loves the sea, wildlife or exploring our coast.

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What reviewers said about earlier editions of Great British Marine Animals:;"It is nothing less than a triumph: a gasp on every page..." The Times;"...Naylor's photographs disclose a world that is intensely colourful not only in the visual sense, but also because of the behaviour of its varied inhabitants." The Independent;" is of a high quality, and the book benefits from large, exceptionally clear species-identification pictures. Above all, the author's obvious love for the subject shines through on every page." DIVE magazine;"A magical book crammed with colourful photography..." The Teacher

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