GIS Based Chemical Fate Modeling: Principles and Applications


GIS Based Chemical Fate Modeling: Principles and Applications Author: Format: Other digital First Published: Published By: John Wiley & Sons Inc Pages: 504 Language: English ISBN: 9781118523667 Categories: ,

This book covers the integration of chemical fate modeling for use in Geographic Information System (GIS) functions. It features a practical and hands-on approach that’s intended for modelers preparing maps of chemical emissions, and creating landscape and climate properties within a GIS, while chemical fate calculations are performed using specialized model codes. A relevant part of the book also discusses data retrieval and processing as a basis for modeling. As such, the book offers a one-stop reference for practitioners who wish to integrate GIS with chemical modeling.

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Author Biography

ALBERTO PISTOCCHI, MSc Eng, MSc Phil, PhD, is Adjunct Professor of Spatial Decision Support Systems at the University of Trento, Italy, and the author of several scientific contributions to the fields of hydrology, environmental assessment, chemical fate and transport modeling, and spatial decision support systems. As a researcher, environmental analyst, and project manager, he has been working for the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, the Emilia Romagna regional government, and other private and public organizations. He is a founding partner (2001) and the scientific director of GECOsistema, a research spin-off from the University of Bologna, Italy.