Geographic Variation in Forest Trees: Genetic Basis and Application of Knowledge in Silviculture


Geographic Variation in Forest Trees: Genetic Basis and Application of Knowledge in Silviculture Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: University of British Columbia Press Pages: 214 Illustrations and other contents: 55 b&w illustrations, 10 tables, 7 maps Language: English ISBN: 9780774805797 Categories: , ,

Geographic variation within tree species is one of the basic issuesfacing foresters, biologists, and others who work with trees. Geneticdifferences among and within populations of these trees becomeimportant considerations when forests are regenerated artificially byseeding and planting, and when new species are introduced in forestry,agroforestry, or for ornamental and landscape purposes. Geographic Variation in Forest Trees is the first book toexamine this subject from a world-wide perspective. Following ahistorical review, the author discusses population genetic theory andgenetic systems of native North American tree species as they interactwith environments in the major climatic regions in the world. He thendemonstrates how this knowledge is used to guide seed zoning and seedtransfer in silviculture, basing much of his discussion on modelsdeveloped in Scandinavia and North America. In the final chapter, theauthor addresses the issue of genetic conservation — a subject ofgreat concern in the face of accelerated forest destruction, industrialpollution, and climatic change. This comprehensive, well-researched book makes a significantcontribution to the knowledge of one of our most important renewablenatural resources.

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All in all, the book succeeds in its objective. While relatively short, it touches on the full array of concepts, methods, results, and significance of geographic genetic variation in forest trees ... Each of the major points is reinforced with appropriate examples from the scientific literature and beautifully rendered figures are provided to assist in visualization. Most valuably, the book provides an entry to the vast literature on the subject ... a service to students, tree breeders, and evolutionary biologists alike ... my overwhelming impression was that Dr. Morgenstern had put his heart and soul, as well as his prodigious knowledge, into the effort. I for one thank him for sharing the insights of a well-spent career. * Forest Science 44 (3), 1998 * Dr. Morgenstern has taken a complex field of study with a long history and delivered its essence to his readers ... The reader is left with an overall understanding of geographic variations with forest trees and the ability to delve into literature of more specific interest ... Dr. Morgenstern has compiled and distilled a considerable amount of literature and experience into a succinct and informative text. -- Steve Clements * Northwest Science, Vol. 72, No. 1, 1998 *

Author Biography

E. Kristian Morgenstern is a forestry consultant andformer Canadian Forest Service scientist and professor at theUniversity of New Brunswick.