Genescapes: The Ecology of Genetic Engineering


Genescapes: The Ecology of Genetic Engineering Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Zed Books Ltd Pages: 224 Language: English ISBN: 9781842770375 Categories: , , , , ,

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are being released into the environment on a massive scale. By the year 2000 there were 44 million hectares of transgenic crops worldwide. Transgenic micro-organisms, trees and fish are also being released into the environment. Has sufficient attention been paid to the environmental costs? This book explains the principles of ecology that provide a framework for assessing the environmental impacts of GMOs and describes the ecological risks associated with a wide variety of transgenic organisms. The cultivation of transgenic crops, for instance, has caused genetic contamination in organic and other non-transgenic crops. Non-target species, agricultural diversity and the rights of small farmers are also coming under threat. Stephen Nottingham argues that much more precaution is required when releasing GMOs into the environment.

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'The format is reader-friendly, the content informative, and the cautionary message of the underlying risks invites conscientious contemplation.' - Choice 'Stephen Nottingham presents the facts about growing GM crops in a calm and measured manner... he accepts that there may be some great social benefits to be gained in the future from genetic engineering. But then proceeds to demolish many of the myths that the biotech industry has woven around itself in its attempt to deceive the public and the farming community... He is at his strongest when guiding us through the complex world of ecological study... Genescapes is an essential primer for anyone who has an instinctive distrust of GM crops, and who wants to back this up with sound facts. And for a book that could be a rather dry presentation of data, it is a remarkably accessible read' - The Ecologist

Author Biography

Dr. Stephen Nottingham is a biologist and writer. He has a doctorate in the field of agricultural entomology, and a decade of experience in research groups, both in the UK and the USA. He has contributed numerous articles to scientific journals, based on work aimed at developing novel and environmentally-friendly crop protection methods. His previous books include Eat Your Genes: How Genetically Modified Food is Entering Our Diet (1998), also published by Zed Books.