Freshwater Algae of North America, Second Edition: Ecology and Classification (Aquatic Ecology)


Freshwater Algae of North America, Second Edition: Ecology and Classification (Aquatic Ecology) Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Academic Press (Elsevier)
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Freshwater Algae of North America: Ecology and Classification, Second Edition is an authoritative and practical treatise on the classification, biodiversity, and ecology of all known genera of freshwater algae from North America. The book provides essential taxonomic and ecological information about one of the most diverse and ubiquitous groups of organisms on earth. This single volume brings together experts on all the groups of algae that occur in fresh waters (also soils, snow, and extreme inland environments). In the decade since the first edition, there has been an explosion of new information on the classification, ecology, and biogeography of many groups of algae, with the use of molecular techniques and renewed interest in biological diversity. Accordingly, this new edition covers updated classification information of most algal groups and the reassignment of many genera and species, as well as new research on harmful algal blooms.

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"...we welcome new edition and we expect that it will become the basic guide for phycologists during the next decade…We strongly recommend this book to be included in your personal and institutional library." --Fottea "Freshwater phycologists and aquatic microscopists will welcome this book as the first comprehensive, single-volume treatment of the freshwater algae in over half a century...The Editors and their Contributors have done an outstanding job in synthesizing this mass of data, and there is no doubt that this work will be a standard reference, to be followed by up-dated editions." --MODERN MICROSCOPY JOURNAL (2005) "This is an excellent book that provides extensive taxonomic information that has previously been difficult to access by any but taxonomic specialists. ...Any student, researcher, or environmental management professional who routinely works with freshwater ecology should have access to this authoritative and thorough book." --Walter Doods, Kansas State University (August 2002) "This will be a welcome addition to the shelf of phycological researchers and teachers. The coverage is comprehensive both taxonomically in the range of ecological topics. For those of us specializing in freshwater algae, whether it be identifying them or studying their ecology, this kind of text will be an invaluable reference work." --Richard M. McCourt, Associate Curator of Botany, The Academy of Natural Sciences (2002) "...finally after half a century we freshwater phycologists have a single, comprehensive volume that updates G.M. Smith's Freshwater Algae of the United States. It is truly impressive work...Students, water management types and experienced phycologists will all feel the need to dig out heir plankton nets and scum scrapers, resurrect their hip boots and make some wet mounts just to get a chance to use this book." --James Wee, Loyola University (2002)