Forests at the Wildland-Urban Interface: Conservation and Management (Paperback)


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Forests at the Wildland-Urban Interface: Conservation and Management (Paperback) Editors: Annie Hermansen, Edward A. Macie, Mary L. Duryea, Susan W. Vince Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Taylor & Francis Ltd
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Forests at the wildland-urban interface are at increasing risk due to the impacts of urbanization. Conserving and managing these forest lands for continued ecological and social benefits is a critical and complex challenge facing natural resource managers, land-use planners, and policymakers. Forests at the Wildland-Urban Interface: Conservation and Management provides information, strategies, and tools to enhance natural resource management, planning, and policymaking. By combining science and management, theory and practical problem solving, this book addresses a broad range of issues associated with the wildland-urban interface and provides possible solutions. Natural resource professionals and urban planners will find this a crucial resource for coordinating and implementing sound policy and practice.

The book is divided into five sections:

  • Forestland changes at the wildland-urban interface and why they are occurring
  • Economic, policy, and land-use planning tools that can be used to manage growth
  • Methods for communicating with and engaging the public
  • Ecosystem management tools for sustaining the provision of ecological goods and services from interface forests
  • Ways in which various types of landowners are pursuing conservation and management of forests in the interface


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