For the Love of Pawpaws: A Mini Manual for Growing and Caring for Pawpaws–From Seed to Table


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For the Love of Pawpaws: A Mini Manual for Growing and Caring for Pawpaws–From Seed to Table Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Ecologia
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How to cultivate, harvest, and utilize North America’s largest native fruit It is hard to eat more than one pawpaw at a go. The creamy rich pulp with tropical flavors ranging from mango and pineapple to banana combine like a satisfying dessert. The pawpaw, a close relative of the tropical custard apple, grows throughout much of North America yet culturally and horticulturally we know very little about it. This mini manual by edible landscape author Michael Judd jumps right into growing, caring for, harvesting, and using pawpaws – from seed to table. Judd demystifies fruit growing in direct, easy to follow steps that quickly brings confidence to the newbie grower while expanding the horizons of curious gardeners. Historically most people have only experienced foraged pawpaw fruit, which can be a hit or miss game for a good experience. That is quickly changing as selected and bred cultivars are being grown and shared. Judd’s pawpaw manual gets you started right away with the best selections and approaches. Filled with straightforward how-to, colorful pictures and illustrations For the Love of Pawpaws brings to life easy and successful ways to enjoy the best pawpaws have to offer. Chapters include: Where Can I Grow Pawpaws? Buying a Good Pawpaw Tree Growing Pawpaws from Seed & Grafting Landscaping Ideas Ecological Tree Care Harvest: Fruit Handling & Processing What to Do with All this Fruit! Recipes Pawpaws & Permaculture Discover the many reasons pawpaws are edible landscape and culinary all-stars! For the Love of Pawpaws will take you on an adventure that culminates in one of life’s most rewarding experiences. A delicious opportunity to enjoy organic gardening and gourmet food at its best.

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Author Biography

Michael Judd has worked with agro-ecological and whole-system designs throughout the Americas for over two decades, focusing on applying permaculture and ecological design. His projects increase local food security and community health in both tropical and temperate growing regions. He is the founder of Ecologia Edible & Ecological Landscape Design, Project Bona Fide, an international nonprofit supporting agro-ecology research, and SilvoCulture, a Maryland based nonprofit which is helping plant 1 million nut trees in the Mid-Atlantic region. He is also the author of Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist, and For the Love of PawPaws. Michael lives with his family on a permaculture homestead nestled along the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Frederick, Maryland. The Judds' homestead consists of 25 acres of mixed woodlands, food forests, gardens, and a nursery designed for experimentation and education.