Food Safety Law in the European Union


Food Safety Law in the European Union Authors: , Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Wageningen Academic Publishers Language: English ISBN: 9789076998510 Category:

The introduction of the General Food Law (GFL) marks a major step in the European Union’s reform of food law. It provides the center of gravity for further modernization of the large body of EU and national food law. “Food Safety Law in the European Union” analyses the substantive and procedural elements of food law, taking the GFL as a focus point. In substantive law general principles are treated, as well as the rules on the composition of food, the handling of food, and the communication about food. This is treated in combination with procedural and institutional elements of food law. EU food law is intertwined with general EU law to provide both the foundation and the limits for food law. General EU law determines the division of powers, the institutions that exercise these powers, the available tools, the effects they have, and substantive limits to the choices that can be made for food law. It provides the protection of all who can be affected by food law. “Food Safety Law in the European Union” is written with the perspective of food law embedded in general EU law, highlights the consequences of this combination, and provides insights in both substantive and procedural EU food law.

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