Flora Nordica volume 6

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Flora Nordica volume 6 Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Bergius Foundation
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Flora Nordica summarises past and present knowledge on the vascular flora of an area of Northern Europe, from Iceland and the Faroes to Denmark, through Norway, Sweden and Finland.
The project is based at the Swedish Museum of Natural History and represents the effort and contribution of a wide group of botanists active in the region.

All taxa occurring in the wild are included, with keys, descriptions, nomenclatural information, chromosome numbers, distribution, habitat and maps with additional commentary and discussion. Many original illustrations were prepared for this flora. Extensive list of references.

This 6th volume of the series of Flora Nordica covers the following taxa.
21 families: Actinidiaceae, Apiaceae, Araliaceae, Begoniacea,e Cactaceae, Cistaceae, Cornaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Elaeagnaceae, Elatinaceae, Frankeniaceae, Gunneraceae, Haloragaceae, Hypericaceae, Lythraceae, Myrtaceae, Onagraceae, Passifloraceae, Tamaricaceae, Thymelaeaceae, Violaceae.
11 genera.
319 species
33 sub-species and varieties.
118 hybrids.
Among 338 differnt taxa at or below species rank 166 are resident. Of the casuals, 29 are fairly frequent (comprehensively treated) and 143 are rare (briefly treated).

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