Fish Defenses Vol. 2: Pathogens, Parasites and Predators


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Fish Defenses Vol. 2: Pathogens, Parasites and Predators Editor: Giacomo Zaccone Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Taylor & Francis Inc Pages: 414 Language: English ISBN: 9781578084074 Categories: , , ,

Dramatic changes in the environment, including habitat degradation and climate change, have focused attention on how individuals and populations respond to a shifting biotic and abiotic landscape. A critical step toward meeting this goal is a clear understanding of the capacity of individuals to defend themselves against threats. Changes in water quality and temperature have direct and indirect effects on fishes. Defensive responses can occur at many levels, from cellular to behavioral actions. The authors in this volume have attempted to provide a general view of the current state of knowledge of fish defenses with respect to pathogens, parasites, and predators, and to point out gaps where further study is needed.

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Dramatic environmental changes over the past few decades have affected how biologists understand how individuals and populations respond to the shifting landscape that we live in. For aquatic species, changes to temperature and water quality have direct and indirect effects with the mechanisms for defense occurring at many levels. The 400 pages of this hard cover book are organized into eleven chapters which include: viral immune defenses in fish, vaccination strategies to prevent Streptococcal infections in cultured fish, pharmacology of surfactants in skin secretions of marine fish, behavioral defenses in fish, defense against pathogens and predators during the evolution of prenatal care in fishes. Based on the breakdown of the information it is a book that would be helpful to anyone who is working in the medical arena that is known as aquaculture. This is a good reference for anyone interested in the ecology of fish defenses. It is very well written and informative ... a nice addition to a reference collection and something that a technician student would find useful in research. -The VIN Book Reviews, October 2011 This is a two-volume set in the ever-expanding Fisheries series of edited books. Whereas the first volume focused specifically on aspects of the fish immune system, this second volume provides a rather eclectic mixture of reviews on topics as diverse as behavioral responses to predators and parasites to the pharmacology of skin surfactants. -Quarterly Rev Riology, September 2011, Vol. 86

Author Biography

Giacomo Zaccone Department of Animal Biology and Marine Ecology Messina University Italy, c. Perriere Laboratoire de Biologie Animale. lnsectes et Toxins Faculte de Pharmacia Chatenay-Malabry Cedex France, A. Mathis Department of Biology Missouri State University Springfield, Missouri USA, B.G. Kapoor Formerly Professor of Zoology The University of Jodhpur Jodhpur, India