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First Steps in Mushroom Identification – New edition Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Nu-Age Print & Copy ISBN: 9781911138310 Category: Tag:

This new edition of First Steps in Mushroom Identification is the result of a long delight in fungi translated into a book to have on a foray to get us to genus there and then.

First Steps in Mushroom Identification – Keys to the British Genera of Agarics and Boleti takes the beginner from the first experience of foraying for fungi to some confidence in naming the genus of a cap and stem mushroom, using the book, a collecting box and a magnifying glass.

Basic principles and vocabulary are dealt with and a section on microscopy helps the enthusiastic forayer to gain competence in a firm diagnosis of genus.  All modern genera that are recognised in the UK are included.

Genera are the same worldwide so this book has a wider usefulness and will appeal to forayers anywhere they happen to be.  It is the Author’s hope that this little book with its colour chart will be used on forays and at home constantly.  That is how Archie uses it.

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