Field Guide to Coastal Wildflowers of Britain, Ireland and Northwest Europe


Field Guide to Coastal Wildflowers of Britain, Ireland and Northwest Europe Authors: , Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Princeton University Press
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A richly illustrated guide to the wildflowers and other flora of coastal Britain, Ireland and Northwest Europe

The rugged and beautiful coastal regions of Britain and Ireland are among the crowning glories of these islands. Few visitors can fail to marvel at the stunning sight of Cornwall’s clifftops resplendent with flowering Thrift, or be struck by the resilience of plants that thrive on the inhospitable shingle beaches of Dungeness on the coast of Kent. This field guide covers more than 600 species of wildflowers and other coastal flora found in the British Isles and coastal mainland Northwest Europe. Succint species accounts describe wildflowers, grasses, sedges and rushes that occur on the coast or in abundance within sight of the sea, complemented by excellent sharp photographs and other graphics including distribution maps. A good selectionof plants, including coastal specialities and plants that thrive in coastal areas comprehensive. This user-friendly guide also covers trees and shrubs, nonflowering plants like mosses and seaweeds and more broadly, the natural history of coastal habitats.

  • Covers more than 600 species
  • Features hundreds of spectacular colour photos
  • Describes nonflowering plants such as ferns, mosses, liverworts, lichens, fungi and seaweeds
  • Provides the most up-to-date colour distribution maps for Britain and Ireland
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"The perfect introduction to an array of Britain’s most fascinating, and in some cases, unusual flora."---Josh Jones, Birdwatch "Absolutely indispensable."---Alyson Hitch, Bay Magazine "Excellent!"---Bo Beolens, Fat Birder "This book delivers far more than its title promises . . . . This book was written by two people with dirty knees who have given the time needed to become experts in our native wildflowers and page after page bear this out with excellent photography and clear, concise and precise descriptions."---Paddy Tobin, Irish Garden Plant Society "Full of beautiful pictures and illustrations, making it easy to identify coastal wildflowers. . . . A well thought out user-friendly guide."---Alison Alderton, Towpath Talk "An attractive, enticing and informative book."---Ro Scott, Highland Naturalist "Anyone who lives or holidays by the coast will love this new botanical guide . . . . [The authors are] on a mission to record and safeguard all the beautiful species found along our shores." * Coast Magazine * "Another essential book for the natural historians ever expanding library."---Roy Stewart, British Naturalists Association "A wonderful companion for anyone thinking of a foray to the coast."---Anna Pattenden, Plantlife "This book would be an excellent and informative introduction for a visitor to the coast and, above all else, the illustrations are of exceptional quality, making it a joy to pick up and read."---Alison Moss, The Glasgow Naturalist

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