Fenugreek: Traditional and Modern Medicinal Uses


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Fenugreek: Traditional and Modern Medicinal Uses Editors: Dilip Ghosh, Prasad Thakurdesai Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Taylor & Francis Ltd Pages: 448 Illustrations and other contents: 9 Line drawings, black and white; 25 Halftones, black and white; 52 Tables, black and white; 34 Illustrations, black and white Language: English ISBN: 9780367566821 Categories: , , , , , ,

For many centuries, fenugreek is an integral part of culinary practices in many cultures worldwide as a spice and vegetable because of its unique medicinal and nutritional profile. This book is a comprehensive compilation and documentation on scientific evidence for fenugreek and phytoconstituents, including and beyond most known applications such as diabetes. The book is a compilation of different chapters written by highly experienced academic and industrial professionals on broad areas of applications of fenugreek such as nutrition, fitness supplements, functional food, and excipients of novel drug delivery systems and products in the areas of nutraceuticals, functional food preparations, and complementary medicines. Features: * Single source of comprehensive reviews of traditional wisdom and modern scientific evidence on fenugreek * Reviews scientific evidence of fenugreek as an ingredient for product development formulation * Contains information on extraction methods, risk assessment, claim validations, and the regulatory status of fenugreek-based products * Covers broad physiological benefits of fenugreek in the management of diabetes mellitus, primary hyperlipidemia, inflammation and pain, neuropathy and neuroinflammation, neurological and psychological disorders, kidney and lung disorders, as well as immunological, infectious, and malignant disorders * Enhances awareness of existing scientific knowledge surrounding fenugreek while encouraging future scientific research towards better and safer nutritional and medicinal applications This book will be a valuable resource of information on fenugreek for researchers, students, nutritionists, sport medicine practitioners, fitness freaks and trainers, naturopaths, traditional practitioners, and toxicologists. At the same time, the available scientific evidence described in this book will help the organizations in the field of nutraceuticals, fitness and sports medicine products, as well as regulatory bodies. However, this book is no substitute for the medical advice or recommendation for which appropriate medical advice is needed.

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Author Biography

Dilip Ghosh, PhD, FACN is an international speaker, facilitator and author and professionally associated with SOHO-Flordis International (SFI), Australia; Honorary Ambassador, Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI), University of Western Sydney. With more than 20 years of experience in both pharmaceutical and food-nutrition industries, he is one of the pioneer researchers in the evaluation of the health claim opportunities of potential functional food ingredients and complementary medicines through an evaluation of the current scientific evidence base and related claims, and provides commentary on gaps in science including potential requirements for research such as human studies.