Excuse Me, Are You a T-Rex?


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Excuse Me, Are You a T-Rex? Author: Illustrator: Clare Elsom Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Scholastic
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Pages: 32 Language: English ISBN: 9780702326486 Categories: , ,

This little dinosaur is on a MISSION – a mission to find a T-Rex. All the other little dinosaurs are a little bit scared, but our little dinosaur sets out to meet one and on the way, asks everyone, Excuse me, are you a T-Rex? No one we’re introduced to is a T-Rex, but we do get to meet a chindesaurus, a plateosaurus, a stegasaurus, a bracheosaurus, a diplodocus, a bactrosaurus, a hadrosaurus, a velociraptor (eek!), a triceratops, an argentinasaurus, an ankylosaurs and – eventually – a T-Rex!

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