Every Root an Anchor: Wisconsin’s Famous and Historic Trees


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Every Root an Anchor: Wisconsin’s Famous and Historic Trees Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: University of Wisconsin Press Pages: 128 Illustrations and other contents: 80 photos Language: English ISBN: 9780870203701 Categories: , , , , , , , ,

In “Every Root an Anchor”, writer and arborist R. Bruce Allison celebrates Wisconsin’s most significant, unusual, and historic trees. More than one hundred tales introduce us to trees across the state, some remarkable for their size or age, others for their intriguing histories. From magnificent elms to beloved pines to Frank Lloyd Wright’s oaks, these trees are woven into our history, contributing to our sense of place. They are anchors for time-honored customs, manifestations of our ideals, and reminders of our lives’ most significant events. For this updated edition, Allison revisits the trees’ histories and tells us which of these unique landmarks are still standing. He sets forth an environmental message as well, reminding us to recognize our connectedness to trees and to manage our tree resources wisely. As early Wisconsin conservationist Increase Lapham said, trees increase our love of home and improve our hearts. Their stories deserve to be told and remembered.

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"Each of us from birth to death is intimately connected with trees. On their beauty and longevity we hang our memories and beliefs, trusting trees to be symbols of our achievements and the things we hold dear." - from the preface"

Author Biography

R. Bruce Allison has been a professional arborist in Madison, Wisconsin, since 1974. He has served as president of the Wisconsin Arborist Association and chairman of both the Dane County Tree Board and Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council. He is the author of Wisconsin's Champion Trees: A Tree Hunter's Guide (1980, revised 2005); Tree Walks of Dane County (1981); and Tree Walks of Milwaukee County (1982). His articles have appeared in such magazines as Wisconsin Natural Resources and American Forests.