Encyclopaedia of Scientific Units, Weights and Measures: Their SI Equivalences and Origins


Encyclopaedia of Scientific Units, Weights and Measures: Their SI Equivalences and Origins Author: Editor: M. Shields Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Springer London Ltd Pages: 848 Illustrations and other contents: XXIV, 848 p. Language: English ISBN: 9781852336820 Category:

Mankind has a fascination with measurement. Down the centuries we have produced a plethora of incompatible and duplicatory systems for measuring everything from the width of an Egyptian pyramid to the concentration of radioactivity near a nuclear reactor and the value of the fine structure constant. With the introduction first of the metric system and of its successor the Systeme International d’Unites (SI), the scientific community has established a standard method of measurement based on only seven core units. The Encyclopaedia of Scientific Units, Weights and Measures converts the huge variety of units from all over the world in every period of recorded history into units of the SI. Featuring: – An A – Z of conversion tables for over 10,000 units of measurements. – Tables of the fundamental constants of nature with their units. – Listings of professional societies, and national standardization bodies for easy reference. – An extensive bibliography detailing further reading on the multifarious aspects of measurement and its units. This huge work is simply a “must have” for any reference library frequented by scientists of any discipline or by those with historical interests in units of measurement such as archaeologists.

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From the reviews: "Outstanding Title! ... Revised and expanded, this version of Cardarelli's Scientific Unit Conversion (3rd ed., 2002) is a comprehensive list of most scientific units, weights and measures, conversions, and definitions. Providing current and historical units from around the world, this book supplies alphabetically arranged conversion tables for more than 10,000 units of measurement....For archaeologists, historians, mathematicians, and scientists in any field. Summing Up: Essential. All collections." (D. J. Turner, Choice, November 2003) "All weights, volumes, powers, areas, field strengths ? You name it, it's here ? A gem for engineers, scientists, historians, journalists ?" New Scientist

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Doctor Francois Cardarelli is the author of the successful Springer London title 'Materials Handbook'. He is currently working for RIO TINTO Iron and Titanium Inc., Canada, as a Materials Scientist.