Ecosystem Services in Azerbaijan: Value and Losses


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Ecosystem Services in Azerbaijan: Value and Losses Authors: , , Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Springer International Publishing AG
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This book aims to draw readers’ attention to the values that were once owned by Azerbaijani nature. Over the past hundred years, these values have been lost because of the neglect of the intrinsic values of nature by both managers and local authorities, and the use of natural resources mostly for monetary benefits. For example, oil pollution and overfishing in the Caspian Sea have almost destroyed its valuable fish and caviar resources. Therefore, in this book, for the first time, the authors distinguish between the concepts of “gain” and “income” and show readers that short-term benefits based solely on monetary income deprive people and nature itself of long-term, lasting gains. The book provides readers with real historical information, discusses the interactions and benefits between humans and nature, and shows, with real data and trends, the consequences of anthropogenic activity on natural resources in Azerbaijan. The authors cover fish, water, forest, mountain, and pasture ecosystem services, impacts that pollution and other forms of environmental degradation have had on these resources, and the impacts that these have on people’s livelihoods. The book is intended primarily for managers, policymakers, students, and academics, and will be of interest to natural scientists, historians, and culturologists.

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Author Biography

Dr. Rovshan Abbasov is the Head of the Geography and Environment Department at Khazar University, Azerbaijan. Rovshan Abbasov has been conducting research in the field of environmental management for many years. Its main activities are dedicated to transboundary river management, values of nature, disaster risk reduction, and management of hazardous pollutants. He is currently working with organizations such as UNDP and FAO as an expert on projects such as the impact of climate change on water resources and coastal management. Rovshan Abbasov is a member of the IPBES's Multidisciplinary Expert Panel since 2018. He is also the Coordinating Lead Author in National Ecosystem Assessments for Azerbaijan. Dr. Rovshan Karimov holds the position of principal researcher at the "Demography and Geography of Population" Department of the Institute of Geography of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. He served as a consultant on a number of projects, including those on migration, socio-economic development, climate change, and ecosystem services. He worked also as a focal point within some international programs and projects. He has been involved in staff mobility actions within a few Erasmus+ projects. Dr. Natavan Jafarova is a senior scientist in the Institute of Geography at the National Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan. She is a senior researcher in "The Political and Economic Geography" Department of the Institute of Geography of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Research works of Natavan Jafarova deal with geographical features of the distribution of the population by settlements, socioeconomic development of regions, and study of natural hazards through remote sensing and GIS mapping.