Ecology of Woodlands and Forests


Ecology of Woodlands and Forests Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Cambridge University Press
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Thomas and Packham provide a concise account of the structure of woodlands and forests. Using examples from around the world -from polar treelines to savannas to tropical rain forests – the authors explain the structure of the soil and the hidden world of the roots and how the main groups of organisms that live within them intereact both positively and negatively. This clear, non-technical text will be of interest to undergraduates, foresters, ecologists and land managers.

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'… good index … extensive references … well illustrated … breadth of material covered in a very readable way. I can see undergraduates finding it very useful as an introduction to key concepts and as a source book for essays.' Bulletin of the British Ecological Society '… the paperback edition could be particularly useful for an introductory course in forest ecology and serve as a reasonably priced, accessible alternative to pricier, more densely packed textbooks …' Landscape Ecology 'The book is very up-to-date. … [it] tries to strike a balance. It addresses a more general reader and provides a comprehensive, clear, non-technical introduction to the many facets of forest ecology, but it is also a rich source of information for the expert. … Undergraduates, foresters, ecologists and land managers should have Ecology of Woodlands and Forests on their bookshelf.' Basic and Applied Ecology '… essential reading for everyone from botany or geosciences who explor[es] the forests … a comprehensive, detailed, well-thought, and informative synthesis, which will be appreciated by professionals, beginners, and amateurs.' Zentralblatt für Geologie und Paläontologie

Author Biography

Peter A. Thomas is Senior Lecturer in the School of Life Sciences at Keele University. John R. Packham is Emeritus Professor in the School of Applied Sciences at the University of Wolverhampton.