Dragonflies and Damselflies: Model Organisms for Ecological and Evolutionary Research


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Dragonflies and Damselflies: Model Organisms for Ecological and Evolutionary Research Editors: Christopher Beatty, Jason Bried, Alex Cordoba-Aguilar Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Oxford University Press
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This research level text documents the latest advances in odonate biology and relates these to a broader ecological and evolutionary research agenda. Despite being one of the smallest insect orders, dragonflies offer a number of advantages for both laboratory and field studies. In fact, they continue to make a crucial contribution to the advancement of our broader understanding of insect ecology and evolution. This new edition provides a critical summary of the major advances in these fields. The editors have carefully assembled a fresh set of contributions from a diverse geographic mix of both junior and senior researchers in dragonfly biology to offer new perspectives and paradigms as well as additional, unpublished data. These include theoretical and applied chapters (including those addressing conservation and monitoring) as well as a balance of emerging (e.g. molecular evolution) and established research topics, providing suggestions for future study in each case. This accessible text is not about dragonflies per se but is an essential source of knowledge that describes how different sets of evolutionary and ecological principles and ideas have been tested on a particular taxon. Dragonflies and Damselflies is suitable for graduate students and researchers in entomology, evolutionary biology, population and behavioural ecology, community ecology, and conservation biology. It will be of particular interest and use to those working on insects and an indispensable reference text for odonate biologists.

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Author Biography

Professor Alex Cordoba-Aguilar is a research scientist at the Instituto de Ecologia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. He has over 150 refereed publications (ISI Web of Knowledge) on insect behavior, physiology, ecology and evolution. He is the editor of three OUP books: Dragonflies and Damselflies: Model Organisms for Ecological and Evolutionary Research; The Evolution of Primary Sexual Characters in Animals (co-edited with Janet Leonard); Insect Behavior: From Mechanisms to Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences (co-edited with D. Gonzalez-Tokman and I. Gonzalez-Santoyo). Christopher D. Beatty is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell University, USA. He has 25 refereed publications with more than 500 total citations (ISI Web of Knowledge) on the evolution of warning signaling and mimicry, territoriality and the evolution of coloration in odonates, phylogenetics and biogeography. He is a contributing author to two books on the ecology and life history of aquatic insects. Jason T. Bried is a Research Assistant in the Department of Integrative Biology at Oklahoma State University, USA. His main research areas include insect conservation, applied odonatology (dragonflies and damselflies), wetland assessment and classification, sampling and analysis issues, floristic quality assessment, restoration monitoring, and community ecology.