Desensitization & Counterconditioning: Teaching Dogs to Willingly Accept Medical Procedures


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Desensitization & Counterconditioning: Teaching Dogs to Willingly Accept Medical Procedures Author: Format: DVD video First Published: Published By: Cattledog Publishing
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Many dogs dislike or are fearful of medical treatment. Rather than struggling with them and possibly making them worse, learn how to use rewards and specific Low Stress Handling (R) techniques to decrease fear and aggression. Learn how to systematically countercondition them such that you can apply the principles to many different situations. Discover how to use science behind learning to teach pets to enjoy an array of handling procedures. In the first two parts of this series you’ve learnt how to greet and approach correctly, provide clear direction, and handle and adjust your technique with skill. In this final lab Dr Sophia Yin, veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and author, teaches you how to use desensitization and counterconditioning to help pets enjoy a variety of medical and husbandry procedures. Once you understand general concepts and important points – staying below threshold, awareness of treat choice, clear movement, timing – you’ll be able to adapt to any situation you come across. This DVD includes the following presentation: `Lab 4: Desensitization and Counterconditioning: Teaching Dogs to Willingly Accept Medical Procedures’.

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All information presented can be put into practice right away! ...[M]any dogs that come in monthly...loathe nail trims and will fight tooth and nail every visit. This will help me in making my patients more comfortable."" - Rebecca Carman, RVT

Author Biography

Dr Sophia Yin, a 1993 graduate of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, is the author of numerous books and DVDs including Low Stress Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs and Cats. She earned her Master's focused on animal behavior in 2001 from UC Davis.