Conifer Cold Hardiness


Conifer Cold Hardiness Editors: F.J. Bigras, Stephen J. Colombo Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Springer Illustrations and other contents: XVI, 596 p. Language: English ISBN: 9780792366362 Category:

Conifer Cold Hardiness provides an up-to-date synthesis by leading scientists in the study of the major physiological and environmental factors regulating cold hardiness of conifer tree species. This state-of-the-art reference comprehensively explains current understanding of conifer cold hardiness ranging from the gene to the globe and from the highly applied to the very basic. Topics addressed encompass cold hardiness from the perspectives of ecology, ecophysiology, acclimation and deacclimation, seedling production and reforestation, the impacts of biotic and abiotic factors, and methods for studying and analyzing cold hardiness. The content is relevant to geneticists, ecologists, stress physiologists, environmental and global change scientists, pathologists, advanced nursery and silvicultural practitioners, and graduate students involved in plant biology, plant physiology, horticulture and forestry with an interest in cold hardiness.

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`..this book is doubtlessly a high valuable reference source and can strongly be recommended to all botanists and forest scientists working in this field.' Journal of Plant Physiology, 159:12 (2001)