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Drawing on twenty years of championing orchards and the experiences of many people who have created Community Orchards, The Handbook offers philosophy and practical advice to those inspired to become Community Orchardists. Common Ground wants Britain to be a prominent fruit growing country once again for environmental, aesthetic, social, cultural and economic reasons, and believes that Community Orchards can help spearhead a revival.

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"This book encourages and celebrates the community spirits, social health and wellbeing that can be generated by fruit trees and orchards." * Reforesting Scotland - Autumn/Winter 2011 * "Common Ground has made thousands of people aware of the value of the local, the ordinary, the commonplace, and the everyday in their lives... It has renewed interest in the English apple and created a feast for it (Apple Day in October). For speaking to a part of our hearts that no one knew how to speak to before, Common Ground is the best green charity in these islands." * Michael McCarthy - The Indepedent * "We used Common Ground's Community Orchards Handbook when we started The London Orchard Project, and it has proved invaluable ever since. It is a must-have for the aspiring orchard leader." * Carina Dunkerley & Rowena Ganguli - Founders of The London Orchard Project * "Community Orchards Handbook is a delicious book. It argues that we need orchards around us not just because they reconnect us to culture, our sense of place and our history, and not just because they can boost our food security, but because they have a great potential for bringing us closer together, to form a focus point for community. A new social and cultural renaissance based on apples? Why not..." * Rob Hopkins - Transition Towns Network * "This book is aimed at anyone who wants to establish a local community orchard. It is an infectious well-judged mix of the inspirational and the practical. If you are thinking of setting up a local community orchard, the first thing you should do is buy this book." * Richard Borrie - Editor of * "This wonderful book is an invaluable source of information for anyone interested in community, locally-produced food, and preserving and planting orchards. It is a 'must' for anyone who cares about these things." * Rosie Sanders - artist and author of The Apple Book * "The Community Orchards Handbook sits within arm's reach of my desk, along with one or two other Common Ground publications. It is an indispensable and inspiring reference for anyone wanting to enrich the meaning of where they live and introduce biodiversity and delight into their locality." * Kevin McCloud - presenter Grand Designs * "Common Ground's Community Orchards Handbook is a rich and diverse eco-system in itself, at once practical and lyrical, with elegy and energy inter0twined. It's a handbook to be revelled in as much as dipped into for the handy hints." * Jonathon Porritt * "The idea of Community Orchards is so good, so obviously right, that I think it's fair to describe it as vital. It will bring so much benefit to so many, in such an upbeat and positive way. I can't wait to see it happen more and more widely. Congratulations to Common Ground for their inspirational leadership and whole hearted good sense." * Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall *

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Sue Clifford and Angela King are the founder-directors of Common Ground, a pioneering environmental charity playing a unique role in the arts and environmental fields. Their inspiring projects include Apple Day, Parish Maps and the Campaign for Local Distinctiveness. For more information see and