Colour Identification Guide to Caterpillars of the British Isles.


Colour Identification Guide to Caterpillars of the British Isles. Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Brill
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The only comprehensive photo-illustrated guide to the caterpillars of British butterflies and macro-moths, this book should appeal to anyone with an interest in European Macrolepidoptera and has been widely regarded and endorsed by entomologists.
Over 850 different species are illustrated, or about 95% of resident, extinct, regular or irregular immigrant species to the British Isles. All specimens are photographed in natural situations upon the relevant foodplants. Many of the species have never been illustrated as caterpillars before, either by artwork or by photography.
For each entry, the description includes foodplant, habits and distribution.
The book not only covers British moth and butterflies (macrolepidoptera)family by family but also many varieties indigenous to continental Europe, particularly North and Central Europe.

XII+275 pages, 49 colour plates, generally 18 small photos per plate and names opposite . Index to scientific names of foodplants, Index to scientific Lepidoptera names, Index to English Lepidoptera names.

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