Cognition, Evolution and Behavior


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Cognition, Evolution and Behavior Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Oxford University Press Inc Illustrations and other contents: 173 halftones, 73 line drawings Language: English ISBN: 9780195110470 Categories: , , , ,

Integrating research from psychology, behavioural ecology, and ethology in a wide-ranging synthesis of theory and research about animal cognition in the broadest sense, this book deals with species-specific adaptations in fish to cognitive mapping in rats and honeybees to theories of mind for chimpanzees. The text analyzes questions like: How do animals perceive the world, learn, remember, search for food or mates, and find their way around? Do any non-human animals count, imitate one another, use a language, or think as we do? What use is cognition in nature and how might it have evolved?

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