Climate Change and Geodynamics in Polar Regions


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Climate Change and Geodynamics in Polar Regions Editor: Neloy Khare Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Taylor & Francis Ltd
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Pages: 250 Illustrations and other contents: 26 Tables, black and white; 42 Line drawings, black and white; 29 Halftones, black and white; 24 Illustrations, color; 47 Illustrations, black and white Language: English ISBN: 9781032255316 Categories: , , ,

1. Provides a holistic understanding of Polar Geoscience and its trajectory of change. 2. Presents four decades of scientific research by Indian scientists in Polar regions and the data obtained to address global climate issues. 3. Includes case studies on geological, glaciological, and geophysical investigations done in polar regions. 4. Highlights glaciological studies that explain changes with time in polar regions. 5. Discusses the use of natural archives to explain the cryosphere region’s climate scenario.

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Author Biography

Dr Neloy Khare, presently Adviser/Scientist 'G' to the Government of India at MoES has a very distinctive acumen not only in administration but also in quality science and research in his areas of expertise covering a large spectrum of geographically distinct locations like the Antarctic, Arctic, Southern Ocean, Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean etc. Dr Khare has almost 30 years of experience in the field of paleoclimate research using paleobiology Palaeontology)/teaching/science management/administration/ coordination for scientific programmes (including Indian Polar Programme) etc. Having completed his doctorate (PhD) in tropical marine region and Doctor of Science (D.Sc) in Southern High latitude marine regions towards environmental/climatic implications using various proxies including foraminifera (micro-fossil), have made significant contributions in the field of Paleoclimatology of Southern high latitude regions (the Antarctic and the Southern Ocean) using Micropaleontology as a tool. These studies coupled with his paleoclimatic reconstructions from tropical regions helped understand causal linkages and teleconnections between the processes taking place in Southern high latitudes with that of climate variability occurring in tropical regions. Dr Khare has been conferred Honorary Professor and Adjunct Professor by many Indian Universities. The government of India and many professional bodies have bestowed him with many prestigious Awards for his humble scientific contributions to Past climate changes/Oceanography / Polar Science and Southern Oceanography. The most coveted award is the Rajiv Gandhi National Award -2013 conferred by the Honourable President of India Others include the ISCA YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD, BOYSCAST FELLOWSHIP, CIES FRENCH FELLOWSHIP, KRISHNAN GOLD MEDAL, BEST SCIENTIST AWARD, EMINENT SCIENTIST AWARD, ISCA Platinum Jubilee Lecture, IGU Fellowship, besides many. Dr Khare has made tremendous efforts to popularize ocean science and polar science across the country by way of delivering many Invited lectures, radio talks and publishing popular science articles. Dr Khare sailed in the Arctic Ocean as a part of "Science PUB" in 2008 during the International Polar Year campaign for scientific exploration and became the first Indian to sail in the Arctic Ocean. .