British Plant Communities: Volume 4. Aquatic Communities, Swamps and Tall-Herb Fens.


British Plant Communities: Volume 4. Aquatic Communities, Swamps and Tall-Herb Fens. Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Cambridge University Press View more from this series: British Plant Communities
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The product of 15 years’ work by leading ecologists, British Plant Communities’ is the first systematic and comprehensive account of the vegetation types of this country. This volume describes the plant communities to be found in those habitats which fall within the definition of acquatic communities, swamps and tall-herb fens.
Paperback reissue of a title first published in 1997. Re-printed 2000.

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'This series represents an outstanding achievement of descriptive plant ecology.' M. J. Crawley, Trends in Ecology and Evolution 'The book shall definitely be of interest to vegetation scientists, aquatic and wetland ecologists and those concerned with conservation.' Brij Gopal, International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences 'This volume provides a useful starting point for anyone wanting to survey wetlands in the U.K. and an excellent source of information about the communitites and some of the key species. For these reasons it will remain an imporatnt reference book for anyone dealing with wetland plants not only in Great Britain, but also elsewhere in the northern hemisphere, and I hope that this and the other volumes are bought widely for libraries.' B. A. Whitton, Hydrobiologia 'An essential tool for both professional and amateur botanists and ecologists engaged in teaching, research, fieldwork and conservation.' Naturalist 'Like all of the preceding volumes, the very high quality of content and production is, in all respects, maintained and I, like many other plant ecologists, continue to wait with great anticipation completion of the series, which will represent an important milestone in British plant ecology.' Brian Ferry, Annals of Botany ' ... an excellent series of reference volumes.' Mineral Planning