British Mesozoic Fossils


British Mesozoic Fossils Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: NHM
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Pages: 210 Illustrations and other contents: black & white illustrations ISBN: 9781898298731 Category:

Paperback, 1983 Reprint, 6th Edition, 209 pages, 73 b/w plates.

The Mesozoic era ranged from 240 million to 65 million years ago. This handbook is intended to provide a concise and inexpensive source of reference for those wishing to know which fossils from this period they may expect to find in Britain, and to help them identify the fossils they have collected.

Following a brief introduction to the subject, simple stratigraphical tables show British Mesozoic rock formations There is a comprehensive listing of the geological distribution of each species featured, which can be cross-referenced with the appropriate illustration, and a brief explaination of the scientific names of fossils.

The book’s identification guide includes 73 plates of accurate black-and-white line drawings and features 365 invertebrate and plant fossil species. Each of the species is illustrated with at least one drawing, which is accompanied by details of where in Britain it can be found.

With a geological time-scale and a colour map of the distribution of Mesozoic strata, this guide will help both amateur and professional palaeontologists identify fossils from this era.

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