Britain’s Orchids: A Field Guide to the Orchids of Great Britain and Ireland


  • The first book to cover all the species, subspecies and varieties, as well as hybrids, at all stages of development
  • Lavishly illustrated with close to 100 stunning plates drawn to scale to show key identification features and more than 1,000 stunning photo showing orchids in their natural settings
  • Simple, step-by-step system for identifying almost any orchid Up-to-date distribution maps and seasonal charts showing when each species can be seen in its various stages
  • Special-feature identification keys that can be used on difficult plants
Britain’s Orchids: A Field Guide to the Orchids of Great Britain and Ireland Authors: , Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Princeton University Press View more from this series: WILDGuides Series
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Pages: 288 Illustrations and other contents: 1,199 color photos + illus. Language: English ISBN: 9780691177618 Categories: , , , , , , Tags: , ,

An accessible, comprehensive and beautifully illustrated guide – the only one to cover all the orchids found in Britain and Ireland

Covering more than fifty species as well as hybrids and variants, this is an engaging, intuitive and in-depth identification guide to all the orchids of Britain and Ireland at all stages of development, from first emergence through to setting seed. Drawing on the authors’ extensive field experience and the latest scientific research, Britain’s Orchids uses multiple techniques to help both beginner and more advanced orchid enthusiasts to identify even the trickiest plants.

The book is beautifully illustrated with plates by talented artist Sarah Stribbling as well as more than 1,000 detailed, instructive and evocative photographs by the authors. Orchids have long fired the imagination with their beauty and rarity. This book aims to ignite or increase your passion for these special plants and for the conservation of their habitats, from remote mountaintops to urban wild spaces.


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"This is the future of field guides . . . I just love this book, I absolutely love it."---Chris Packham, #WildMorningswithChris "It is just about a perfect rendition of the modern field guide: comprehensive, detailed, beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully written. It is also excellent value. . . . I would unhesitatingly recommend this new book to anyone interested in our native orchids."---Bob Gibbons, British Wildlife Magazine "The most startling and richest identification guide I have ever come across. . . . Every single time I pick up this book, I gawp and I learn. Field guide of the year, without question. And quite possibly field guide of the decade too."---James Lowen, James Lowen Wildlife "This book distinguishes itself in the depth of attention it gives to orchid habitats . . . . The illustrations in the book are quite simply, out of this world superb. . . . This book takes a bold step in a new direction, a leap away from simple listing and describing, to being an efficient and user-friendly tool in the hands of the orchid enthusiast on the quest for accurate identification."---Paddy Tobin, An Irish Gardener "What I really welcome is the images are brilliant coloured botanical drawings and photos so you get the best of both. A really nice feature is a brief index in a fold of the cover just pointing the species pages. I recommend this very welcome addition to those oft-thumbed works that sit on my desk for easy reference."---Bo Beolens, Fat Birder "This authoritative yet accessible guide is the result of many years' hard work from the authors. The multitude of information loaded into its texts are complimented by top-class illustrations and stunning photography. It is the new essential in its field and congratulations must go to Cole and Waller for producing what deserves to become a best-selling guide to this fascinating family."---Josh Jones, "This book is the perfect guide for looking for and identifying them, it has everything you could ever need to know about British Orchids."---Mike King, Gloster Birder "A clear, comprehensive, well-designed, beautifully illustrated guide to a fascinating group of our wild flowers."---Mark Avery, Mark Avery blog "This is another outstanding guide from Wild Guides (this time published in association with the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland) but this one is at another level and is a credit to everyone involved and should be on every naturalist’s bookshelf."---Roy Stewart, British Naturalist’s Association "The mission statement from authors Sean Cole and Mike Waller to develop the most beautiful and comprehensive field guide on the subject has clearly been achieved!"---Jim Almond, Shropshire Birder blog "This book is an exceptional contribution to the literature on British orchid identification."---Ro Scott, Highland Naturalist "A superb new identification guide."---Eric Brown, News Shopper "This is clearly a fantastic book."---Andy Karran, Gwent Wildlife Trust

Author Biography

Sean Cole is a field naturalist who has been studying orchids for more than twenty years, with special interests in identification, taxonomy and pollination. He has published many articles on British orchids, including his speciality, the Ghost Orchid. Mike Waller is an ecologist and botanist who specialises in European orchids. He has worked for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the Natural History Museum in London, the London Wildlife Trust and Plantlife. Twitter @Britainsorchids Instagram @britains_orchids_book