Britain’s Freshwater Fishes


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Britain hosts a diversity of freshwater environments, from torrential hill streams and lowland rivers to lakes, reservoirs, ponds, canals, ditches, and upper reaches of estuaries. Britain’s Freshwater Fishes covers the 53 species of freshwater and brackish water fishes that are native or have been introduced and become naturalized.

This illustrated guide features high-quality in-the-water or on-the-bank photographs throughout. Detailed species accounts describe the key identification features and provide information on status, size and weight, habitat, ecology, and conservation. Written in an accessible style, the book also contains introductory sections on fish biology, fish habitats, how to identify fishes, and conservation and legislation.


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"Mark Everard has added to his already impressive tally of books with his latest release, Britain's Freshwater Fishes. Measuring in at 144 pages featuring 53 species and fully illustrated, it's a full-blown encyclopedia of fishy facts... All in all we are impressed--it's perfect for any angler who wants to know more about fish."--Angler's Mail "It is a beautiful photographic ID guide... Attractively designed and easy to use."--Dan Kinney, Farming Life "This book encourages fish-watching explicitly and also through providing the information to make it fun. I like it a lot."--Mark Avery blog "[T]his book lives up to the billing: it tells you everything the non-angler could reasonably want to know, concisely and with authority. It is in most respects the concise fish book we have been waiting for."--Peter Marren, British Wildlife "As an in-depth reference book on native fish species, this one's hard to beat. As a comprehensive guide to our native fish species, Britain's Freshwater Fishes is spot on." "Whether angler or naturalist, this book should be on your bookshelves."--Highland News "[A]n ideal source of background information for those fly anglers keen to broaden their customary range from time to time and flyfish for coarse fish, or for anyone simply wanting a broader appreciation of our rivers."--Jeffrey Prest, Trout Fisherman "This well illustrated guide features high quality in-the-water or on-the bank photos throughout... Written in an accessible style, the book also contains introductory sections on fish biology, fish habitats and how to identify fishes, plus conservation and legislation."--Wildlife "I was immediately attracted to this book because it has an air of quality about it... This book fills a gap and is highly recommended."--Bryan Sage, Country-Side