Britain’s Birds: An Identification Guide to the Birds of Great Britain and Ireland Second Edition, fully revised and updated


Britain’s Birds: An Identification Guide to the Birds of Great Britain and Ireland Second Edition, fully revised and updated Authors: , , , , Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Princeton University Press View more from this series: WILDGuides Series
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A new, improved and thoroughly updated edition of the bestselling photographic guide-the only one to cover every bird, in every plumage, ever recorded in Britain and Ireland.  A bestselling guide since it was first published, Britain’s Birds has quickly established itself as the go-to photographic identification guide to the birds of Great Britain and Ireland-the most comprehensive, up-to-date, practical and user-friendly book of its kind. Acclaimed by birdwatchers of all kinds, from the beginner to the most experienced, the guide has now been thoroughly revised and updated to make it even better than before. Combining the finest of identification guide content and presentation, this eagerly awaited second edition preserves the best of the first edition while covering twelve newly recorded species and offering a host of improvements that make identification easier.

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of all the birds ever recorded in Britain and Ireland
  • Describes and illustrates all plumages likely to be encountered
  • Features more than 3,200 stunning photographs carefully selected to show the birds as you really see them
  • Outlines simple steps to help you identify any bird you see
  • Presents simple and accurate comparisons of similar and difficult species

New features include:

  • Coverage of 12 new species recorded since the first edition plus revisions to reflect the latest taxonomy
  • Coverage of all subspecies Improved identification aids, including more than 400 new photos, enhanced photo annotations and many redesigned plates
  • Fully revised species accounts, including the latest information on identification features, status, numbers, geographical range and date ranges for all plumages that may be seen during only part of the year
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"A Birdwatcher's Yearbook Best Bird Book of the Year" "An excellent photographic guide."---Kevin Rushby, The Guardian "This book series creates the ‘wow' factor time and time again, and this volume is no different. lt covers all the birds ever seen in Britain, along with a few that may be escapees, with 3,600 photos of the highest quality – giving you no reason to misidentify any species!"---John Miles, Birdwatching "An indispensable aid to help solve the riddles and complexities that makes birding so compulsive’. This summer sees the advent of its superlative second edition, which not only records the changes in the birding landscape in the intervening years but has 400 new photographs plus a comprehensive revision and update of all the species described."---Stuart Winter, Sunday Express "[A] superlative second edition. . . . All those who were delighted when Britain’s Birds was first rolled out would be well advised in investing in this encyclopaedic but easy to use and handle work. With 3,500 photographs spread across 576 pages, some may find the new edition is a little heavy to take in the field. Don’t despair, there is the lighter Pocket Guide to take out as a companion. Invest in both."---Stuart Winter, Sunday Express "An excellent book."---Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne, Wall Street International "This is still by far the best photographic guide to Britain’s birds."---Andy Stoddart, Rare Bird Alert "All in all, this is an absolutely superb guide that deserves to furnish every British birder's bookshelf . . . . It comfortably sits as the ultimate photo field guide on the market for British birds and comes thoroughly recommended."---Josh Jones, "The majority of species have four to six photographs of each species, more images than most illustrated guides and the photographs have been very well chosen indeed. Not only have the authors amassed a vast reference collection here but have managed to source pictures that actually show the key identification points, an amazing feat!" * Biggest Twitch Birdwatching Trips * "A brilliant book collection . . . each volume is a colourful, fact-filled introduction to the animals, insects, plants and habitats that makes watching wildlife so fascinating."---Stuart Winter, Sunday Express "[This book is] not your average encyclopaedia; it’s the only one to cover every bird in every plumage ever recorded in the UK and Ireland."---Margaret Bartlett, Countryfile "I can’t recommend this book highly enough, the first edition was excellent, but it’s just got bigger and better and is a credit to both the authors and photographers. Whether you are an advanced birder or a beginner this book should be on your bookshelf as an essential reference."---Mike King, Gloster Birder "The photographs are exceptional and are extremely detailed and the layout of the book with flight patterns and distinguishing features is perfect. . . . Outstanding."---Roy Stewart, British Naturalist’s Association "Many books which promise to be ‘fully revised and updated’ simply don’t deliver (particularly after only a few years) but this one does and does it more thoroughly and comprehensively than any other book I can bring to mind. . . . By striking a good balance between the competing demands of a full treatment of Britain's birds, cost and portability . . . it stands head-and-shoulders above its rivals (a position unlikely to change any time soon). In the tidal wave of bird guides in recent decades it is one of the few actually breaks new ground and is likely to be a useful reference for years to come."---John Cantelo, Birding Cadiz Province "This is yet another ground-breaking field guide from the WILDGuides imprint, and an outstanding guide to Britain's birds for observers of all levels. . . . The authors and all contributors are to be heartily congratulated."---Chris Sharpe, Curious Naturalist "No guide I’ve seen contains better bird photographs than WildGuides’ Britain’s Birds and a revised second edition of this formidable 576-page tome has just been published. The photograph quality provides art gallery experience as you flick through colour-splashed pages seeking birds arriving during lockdown. . . . A real tonic in troubled times. "---Eric Brown, News Shopper "This book . . . has been revised and updated for the second edition to make identification even easier. There are 12 new species recorded plus hundreds of new photos and fully revised species accounts to include the latest information in identification features, status, numbers, range and plumages seen during only part of the year. It's a must have for beginners, experienced and professional birders alike."---British Trust for Ornithology News, Gillian Birtles "Superb."---Gordon Hamlett, Birdwatcher's Yearbook

Author Biography

Rob Hume is a freelance writer, editor and artist, with more than thirty books on birds to his name. Robert Still is publishing director of WILDGuides and a prolific natural history author. Andy Swash is managing director of WILDGuides and a well-known wildlife photographer and author. Hugh Harrop is an award-winning photographer and the owner of the ecotourism business Shetland Wildlife. David Tipling is one of the world's most widely published wildlife photographers and the author or commissioned photographer of many books. The five are also coauthors of British Birds: A Pocket Guide (Princeton WILDGuides).