Biochar for Environmental Remediation: Principles, Applications, and Prospects


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Biochar for Environmental Remediation: Principles, Applications, and Prospects Editor: Willis Gwenzi Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division
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Biochar for Environmental Remediation: Principles, Applications, and Prospects synthesizes state-of-the-art knowledge on biochar-based systems for environmental remediation. The book examines a wide variety of biochar applications for the remediation of inorganic, organic, microbial and emerging contaminants in various environmental media, including drinking water, industrial wastewater, urban stormwater, industrial and indoor air pollution, and contaminated lands and soils. Researchers, engineers and graduate students will find this to be a valuable reference for understanding opportunities for the use of biochar in environmental remediation as it fills the gaps in existing literature and offers a clear roadmap to guide future research. An increasing body of evidence shows that biochars have potential applications in environmental remediation of contaminants in soils, aqueous systems, and air pollution control. This book uses a systematic approach, covering biochar preparation, properties and characteristics, removal mechanisms, industrial applications, regeneration and disposal of spent biochar, lifecycle analysis, and environmental and human health risks.

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Author Biography

Dr. Willis Gwenzi is a Professor of Biosystems and Environmental Engineering at the University of Zimbabwe. He researches on environmental remediation, environmental hydrology, water/wastewater treatment, emerging contaminants, antibiotic resistance, medical geology, environmental epidemiology, and novel (bio)materials. He has published over 70 peer-reviewed articles. His seminal papers on biochar-based water treatment systems, and high-technology rare earth elements as emerging contaminants have been rated as Highly Cited and Hot papers in 2019 by Web of Science. He has supervised several postgraduate students in bio-environmental system engineering. He is regular manuscript reviewer for top international journals. He has also acted as an external reviewer for grant proposals for UK's NERC, Canada's MITACS, Chile's FONDECYT, and the Austrian Science Foundation. Willis holds the following qualifications: (1) PhD (Biosystems and Environmental Engineering, University of Western Australia), (2) M.Sc. (Water Resources Engineering and Management), (3) B. Sc. Honours (Soil Science), and (4) Postgraduate Certificate (Applied Groundwater Modelling).