Bats of Colima, Mexico


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Bats of Colima, Mexico Authors: , , , , , , Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: University of Oklahoma Press Pages: 340 Illustrations and other contents: 175 colour illustrations, 59 line drawings Language: English ISBN: 9780806152165 Categories: , ,

The tiny state of Colima on Mexico’s Pacific coast is one of the three most biodiverse hot spots in the world. Straddling temperate and tropical zones, with rugged topography ranging from a volcanic mountaintop to sandy beaches, the state shelters nearly half–66–of Mexico’s species of Chiroptera, or bats. In this volume, studded with more than 200 full-color photographs and maps, a team of mammalogists from Mexico and the United States marshal information gathered over decades to present a comprehensive portrait of the bats of Colima. Bats of Colima, Mexico provides readers with the tools necessary to understand and identify each species of Colima’s bat population, from the sac-winged bats of family Emballonuridae to the mustached bats of family Mormoopidae. A dichotomous key indicates how each bat can be differentiated and describes the seven families within which they fall. The authors provide an in-depth description of each species, including a photograph, a map of its distribution across Colima, and information on habitat, reproduction, conservation status, and more. By calling attention to Colima’s rich chiropteran fauna, Bats of Colima, Mexico should not only foster interest in the rich biodiversity of the region but also nurture further collaboration between scientists and naturalists in the United States and Mexico.

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Author Biography

Cornelio Sanchez-Hernandez is Research Professor in the Instituto de Biologia at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Maria de Lourdes Romero-Almaraz is Professor in the Faculty of Sciences at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Gary D. Schnell is Professor Emeritus of Biology at the University of Oklahoma and Curator Emeritus of Birds at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. Michael L. Kennedy is Professor of Biology and Director of the Edward J. Meeman Biological Station at the University of Memphis. Troy L. Best is Professor of Biological Sciences and Curator of Mammals at Auburn University, Alabama. Robert D. Owen is Research Professor of Biology at Texas Tech University and Investigator Leve III for PRONII/CONACYT, Paraguay. Sara B. Gonzalez-Perez is Reviewer of Biodiversity Studies for the National Commission for Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (CONABIO). Together and individually, the authors have published extensively on the mammals of Latin America.