Bad Birdwatcher’s Companion: 50 Intimate Portraits of Britain’s Best-Loved Birds


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Bad Birdwatcher’s Companion: 50 Intimate Portraits of Britain’s Best-Loved Birds Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Short Books Ltd Pages: 224 Language: English ISBN: 9781904977377 Categories: , ,

Few books are more intimidating than a conventional field guide. There are simply too many birds in them. This book introduces the reader to Britain’s most obvious birds. But it does more than that: it also explains them. It explains the way that different birds do different things, eat different food, sing different songs and live different lives, and it explains why they are different. If you are a would-be birdwatcher but don’t know where to start, A Bad Field Guide is for you. It will help you understand birdwatching: but far more important, it will help you begin to understand birds. Robin…But have you ever wondered what a red breast means to a robin? A red breast is not just the way a human can recognise a robin when it comes a-calling, when it sits on a spade or a Christmas card. The red breast is not just a bit of chance colouration. No: the red breast is the core of the robin’s being. The red breast is the love, the honour and the glory of a robin. Have you noticed that a robin positively flaunts it? It is as if he is telling the world: for God’s sake, I’m a robin!

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"A witty, perceptive book, thoughtful, instructive and full of simple wisdom." Daily Mail "A delightful ode to the wild world outside the kitchen window... A book which fills you with that warm feeling that a shared love conquers all." Daily Telegraph"

Author Biography

Simon Barnes, the award-winning chief sportswriter for Britain's The Times and columnist for Birds Magazine, is the author of a dozen books, including three on wildlife and three novels. He lives in Suffolk with his family and has seen a barn owl, kingfisher and marsh harrier in his garden.