Atmosphere-ocean Interactions


Atmosphere-ocean Interactions Editor: W. Perrie Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: WIT Press Pages: 328 Illustrations and other contents: illustrations Language: English ISBN: 9781853128929 Category:

This volume provides an overview of current developments in theoretical aspects of atmosphere-ocean interactions. These include the fundamental influence of the ocean surface on the atmospheric dynamics and also the impact of atmospheric phenomena on the upper ocean. Both large scale ocean-atmosphere dynamics, including low frequency variability, as well as shorter time-scales, such as the physics of the atmospheric and oceanic boundary layers and their interactions with surface waves and related air-sea processes important in marine storms are considered. The text also includes some recent research results.

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"...a highly readable summary of the state of the science in atmosphere-ocean interactions...a valuable contribution and a worthy addition to the library of both the generalist and specialist in air-sea interaction." - BULLETIN OF THE AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY