Assessing Forest Ecosystem Health in the Inland West


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Assessing Forest Ecosystem Health in the Inland West Authors: , Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Taylor & Francis Inc Pages: 494 Language: English ISBN: 9781560220527 Categories: , , , , , ,

Assessing Forest Ecosystem Health in the Inland West is a thorough reference for policymakers, resource managers, environmentalists, students, and anyone interested in using ecosystem management as a tool to address forest health problems in the Inland West. The book provides the reader with a survey of current conditions in the Inland West, their historical origins, assessments of available management tools, and analyses of the various choices available to policymakers. Its goal is to help people understand the Inland West forests so that public policies can reflect a constructive and realistic framework in which forests can be managed for sustained health. This resource is the product of a scientific workshop where 35 participants, including scientists, resource managers, administrators, and environmentalists, addressed the forest health problem in the Inland West. Synthesis chapters integrate the diverse knowledge and experience which participants brought to the workshop. They identify and link together many of the ecological, social, and administrative conditions which have created the forest health problem in the West. The book is unique in that it reflects a process that fostered the use of academic research, field realities, and industrial knowledge to define an interdisciplinary problem, establish rational policy objectives, and set-up “do-able” management approaches.The following topics are analyzed: Assessing forest ecosystem health in the Inland West Historical and anticipated changes in forest ecosystems in the Inland West Defining and measuring forest health Historical range of variability as a tool for evaluating ecosystem change Administrative barriers to implementing forest health problems Economic and social dimensions of the forest health problem Fire management Ecosystem and landscape managementAssessing Forest Ecosystem Health in the Inland West will help facilitate sound resource planning because it brings together the problems facing the Inland West from an interdisciplinary perspective. This approach allows resource managers and policymakers creativity in planning and implementing strategies to confront forest health problems in the Inland West ecosystems.

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