Archie’s Apple


Archie’s Apple Author: Illustrator: Octavia Mackenzie Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Little Toller Books
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Pages: 44 ISBN: 9781915068064 Category: Tag:

Have you ever dreamed of making a discovery? Inspired by a true story, Archie’s Apple tells of how one boy discovers a new variety of apple while out walking, and hits the headlines around the world. Archie lives with his father on the edge of a wood; every day and in every season Archie plays in the wood, watching and hearing nature. But one day deep in the woods he finds an apple, quite unlike any apple he’s ever seen or eaten.

His discovery takes them on an adventure that neither he nor his dad could have predicted. This enchanting and intricate picture book, illustrated with original watercolours, takes the reader on a journey from the discovery to the brink of world-wide fame and back again, and has much to tell us about the wild power of nature and the value of noticing.

Suitable for children ages 6-12 years

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