Aqua Vitae: Unraveling the Story of Water in Latin America


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Aqua Vitae: Unraveling the Story of Water in Latin America Editors: Gerald Augusto Corzo Perez, Arturo Jiménez Palacios, Rabindranarth Romero-López Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Springer International Publishing AG
Illustrations and other contents: I, 1 p. Language: English ISBN: 9783031577307 Categories: , ,

This comprehensive book presents an analytical journey through the relationship between water and Latin American societies, offering an engineering perspective on historical water resource utilization. The book unravels the integral role water has played in the cultural, technological, and socio-economic development of the region, providing a foundational reference for engineers, academics, and researchers. The book’s exploration into water’s perception and usage throughout history provides key insights into how human activity has impacted water resources and vice versa. It presents a meticulous examination of water as both a natural and cultural phenomenon, identifying its essential role in sustaining life and ecosystems, as well as its potential for causing devastation through disease and natural disasters. We delve into the complexities of water’s role in society, illustrating how it is woven into the fabric of everyday life, religious ceremonies, and global events. The book also underscores the varying significance and implications of water across different regions within Latin America. The narrative unfolds across three major sections: Technology, Water Management, and Socio-Cultural-Economical Impact. The ‘Technology’ section examines the evolution of water-related technologies and their significant socio-economic implications. The ‘Water Management’ part offers a holistic perspective on water resource management practices, both historical and contemporary. The final section delves into the societal implications of water use, including conflicts arising from political and economic decisions related to this crucial resource. Designed for engineers, environmental scientists, and policy-makers, this book provides a unique blend of historical context, technical knowledge, and socio-cultural insights. It offers an invaluable resource for those seeking to understand the interplay between engineering practices, water resources, and societal developments in Latin America. It serves as a springboard for further research and informed decision-making in water resource management and policy, fostering a greater understanding of the myriad ways in which water influences and is influenced by human activity.

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