An Introduction to Plant Fossils: 2nd Edition


An Introduction to Plant Fossils: 2nd Edition Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Cambridge University Press
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Pages: 262 Illustrations and other contents: Worked examples or Exercises; 17 Plates, color; 144 Halftones, black and white; 58 Line drawings, black and white ISBN: 9781108705028 Categories: , ,

Plant remains can preserve a critical part of history of life on Earth. While telling the fascinating evolutionary story of plants and vegetation across the last 500 million years, An Introduction to Plant Fossils also crucially offers non-specialists a practical guide to studying, dealing with and interpreting plant fossils. It shows how various techniques can be used to reveal the secrets of plant fossils and how to identify common types, such as compressions and impressions. Incorporating the concepts of evolutionary floras, this second edition includes revised data on all main plant groups, the latest approaches to naming plant fossils using fossil-taxa and techniques such as tomography. With extensive illustrations of plant fossils and living plants, An Introduction to Plant Fossils encourages readers to think of fossils as once-living organisms. It is written for students on introductory or intermediate courses in palaeobotany, palaeontology, plant evolutionary biology and plant science, and for amateurs interested in studying plant fossils.

1. Introduction
2. Highlights of palaeobotanical study
3. Studying plant fossils
4. Early land plants
5. Lycophytes
6. Sphenophytes
7. Ferns
8. Early gymnosperms
9. Modern gymnosperms
10. Angiosperms
11. The history of land vegetation

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'… affording quick access to the world of fossil plants to any interested reader. Their direct approach is refreshing, making the book eminently useful for the basic identification of fossil plants, in some cases down to species-level determinations … Undergraduate students willing to read this book will quickly gain a core understanding of an important subject that is rarely included in today's college curriculum.' P. K. Strother, Choice 'This edition is great for everyone interested in fossils, plants, and (specially) fossil plants, being especially useful for those starting to study plant evolution and paleobotany. It may also be of interest for everyone who ever found a piece of petrified wood and wanted to learn more about it, and about all of the wonderful and strange plants that inhabited the earth a long time ago.' Andrés Elgorriaga, Plant Science Bulletin